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Download YouTube videos and extract the audio stream of YouTube files
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Many of us who enjoy listening to our favorite music on YouTube would also love to have an offline copy of some of those videos (or their corresponding audio) to enjoy our personal best-of when not online. Download YouTube Music allows you to do precisely that – download an MP4 copy of the video file of your choice or an MP3 or WAV copy of its audio stream regardless of its original video and audio tracks.

Simplicity is probably the word that best defines this video downloading tool. Limited to YouTube videos, the tool provides you with a browser that takes you to the site’s main page right away. All you have to do there is copy the link of the video and paste it into the program’s interface. The download will start as you click on the corresponding button, and you can repeat this operation with different videos as many times as you require. You don’t need to use the program’s browser to do so – just open the browser of your choice and get to the link that points at the video file for download.

Unlike other similar tools that show you a list of the formats available or go for the “best quality possible” right away, here you can’t choose which of the various formats usually offered to the user you can download. The only choice you can make is whether you want to grab an MP4 version of the video or an MP3/WAV version of its audio stream. This means that the chances of having your video or its audio transcoded during the download process is very high. That may or may not affect the overall quality of the resulting video, but I think it’s important to know.

Thus, if you happen to prefer no-nonsense video downloading tools to more sophisticated ones, love YouTube over any other online video site, and you’re not too fussy either about getting always the best quality or a specific audio or video format, this is the tool for you. Personally, I find it a bit pricey for the little room it provides to clients when it comes to their personal preferences in terms of site choice, quality or file size, but if you’re happy with the program’s tag price, you’ll be delighted with its simplicity of use.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes its own YouTube browser
  • Supports multiple concurrent downloads
  • Extracts the audio of the video selected in either MP3 or WAV


  • The video quality is not selectable
  • MP4 is the only video format supported
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